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Friday, June 5, 2009

Behind the Scenes | Advisory Board Meeting

Earlier this week, the SciGirls staff welcomed its advisory board to TPT for two full days of sharing our work to date and planning for the remaining shoots as well as website and outreach development.

Our advisors are colleagues, collaborators, and creative dreamers who know the field of STEM gender equity and have great ideas for all that SciGirls can be. To name drop just a little, the group included: Karen Flammer, University of California and Sally Ride Science (and a space physicist, to boot!); Jeanine Gregoire, Augsburg College; Jo Haas, Louisville Science Center; Julie Johnson, Science Museum of Minnesota; Dale McCreedy, the Franklin Institute; Karen Peterson, National Girls Collaborative Project; Ruto Sevo, Momox Consulting; Julie Shannan, Girls Start; Beth Spezia, WSIU; and Jen Stancil, Girls Math & Science Partnership.

In addition to offering a lot of great advice from their various vantage points, the group saw a sneak preview of some early Puppet Engineering clips. Here's one of the clips--from puppet engineering--making its web debut. Enjoy!


  1. NICE VIDEO!!!
    i can't wait to see the final product!
    post more videos!!!

  2. Yea, definetly Laci! It took me like 5 hours to find this though. could it be a little more...obvious?