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Friday, February 20, 2009

SciGirls Supporters | BrainCake

The field of Gender Equity in STEM is full of helpful professionals who work hard to support each other's work. SciGirls wants to take a minute to introduce you to one of these groups: the smart, sweet people at BrainCake.

BrainCake is an inspired program of the Girls, Math & Science Partnership at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center. The Partnership's mission is to engage, educate, and embrace girls as architects of change. Working with girls ages 11-17 and their parents, teachers, and mentors, they draw organizations, stakeholders, and communities together in an effort to ensure that girls succeed in math and science.

BrainCake helps girls be confident, solve problems, and think independently. It also engages girls in current science, helping them understand its relevance to their life today. They create and link girls to programs that educate and prepare them to understand and use science in their everyday lives. And, they embrace girls as architects of change - envisioning, planning, organizing, shaping, and building a better world - with math and science as their tools.

And BrainCake's fabulously cute website reaches girls from around the globe who are interested in changing the world with math and science! Join them at BrainCake.org, the online sisterhood for girls ages 11–17 who want to change the world with math and science!

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